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Fancy compelling audio from the get-go? Come on in!

In this fast-paced, tech-savvy world, creating content that will stand out in a crowd has never been more important.

And thankfully, that’s where amazing audio can become your best friend. Audio has the power to stop people in their tracks.

With oodles of years experience in creating content for the BBC, commercial radio and government; small, medium and large companies alike; influencers, authors and explorers, we’re here to help you do just that. 

Come meet the team...

In this fast-paced, tech-savvy world, creating content that will stand out in a crowd has never been more important.

And thankfully, that’s where amazing audio can become your best friend. Audio has the power to stop people in their tracks.

With oodles of years experience in creating content for the BBC, Commercial Radio and Government; small, medium and large companies alike; influencers, authors and explorers, we’re here to help you do just that. 

Come meet the team...

Meet the team


Steve |Co-Founder & Creative Director

Steve is the co-founder of Bengo Media. A former Head of BBC Radio Wales, he has spent over a quarter of a century working in broadcasting, predominantly radio. When he’s not spearheading clients' latest podcast episodes, or teaching the content creators of tomorrow at universities, he can be found trying to beat his personal PB in the local Parkrun.

Marina Headshot

Marina |Co-Founder & Business Director

Marina is the other half of Bengo Media’s founding dynamic duo. With a background as a Radio Station Director and Broadcast Product Developer, it’s Marina that looks after our product offering, business development and marketing. When she’s not coming up with wild and whacky ideas, she can be found laid up on the sofa bingeing on box sets.


Branwen |Producer

There just aren’t enough words to describe our multi talented Branwen. Radio and TV producer for over 25 years (in both English and Welsh, we’ll have you know!), published author and marketeer, we’ve finally managed to coax her into the world of podcast production. Yaaay!

In addition to her podcast projects, Bran has been tasked with ploughing Bengo’s course for commissions as our development producer.

When asked to describe herself: “1 partner, 2 children, 2 dogs, 4(ish) horses, grateful for Bengo Adam in my life at all times for tech support, live in a field, drives terrible cars, loves meeting people and the privilege of getting to tell their most intimate stories.” Strange that she missed out medalist in local and national equestrian showing and dressage events…

Clare Hudson Headshot

Clare |Producer

Our tremendously experienced, calm-under-fire producer of BBC Radio Wales’ recurring series ‘The Idea’, came to us via a lifetime in TV. From current affairs at ITV to Head of Programmes AND Head of Production at BBC Wales, to helping re-generate Doctor Who (ask her!). And we couldn’t be happier to have helped her re-kindle her love for radio.  When’s she’s not scouring the internet, festivals (remember those?!!) and lecture circuit for the next great public talk, you’ll find her out on her bike thinking up new content ideas.


Georgie |Producer

Radio producer since the grand old age of 14, Georgie got herself nicknamed ‘Princess of the Dawn’ by her colleagues at BBC Radio Oxfordshire for her breezy and calm disposition coupled with unrivalled organisational skills at silly-o-clock in the morning.

Well, with such an accolade, we would have been daft not to make her part of the Bengo Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show team. But Georgie’s talents can’t be contained. She’s also got an exceptional flair for podcasts, so you’ll also find her spearheading many of Bengo’s flagship projects.

When she drags herself away from Bengo Land, Georgie can be found sea swimming with Percy, her dog, spraining her ankles on the netball court and supporting her local businesses by sneaking a cheeky cider or two with her hubby in the finer establishments of her locale.


Gwenda |Producer

This ridiculously talented, astute and bubbly producer literally wrote the encyclopedia on Welsh journalism! (Porth Esboniadur). Gwenda has been part of the Welsh broadcasting landscape for decades as a producer, director and broadcaster for both HTV Wales and the BBC. She's been a journalism lecturer, imparting her incredible knowledge to the next generation at Cardiff University's world renowned school of Journalism, Media & Culture (JOMEC).  Even as our lead Welsh language producer, she still finds time to perfect her backhand and reign supreme as Super Vet Champion at her local tennis club. 


Vicki |Producer

Vicki is our very own radio ninja. She brings over 20 years of radio experience, both on and off air, to our Bengo Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show team and podcast projects.

When not in Bengo land, you’ll probably hear her keeping her skills highly tuned presenting shows throughout the Virgin Radio Network as well as bright and early on Saturday mornings on BBC Radio Wales.

And in her down time? Well, she only goes and runs her own voice over company, spends time with her wonderful family, and manages to squeeze in the occasional bubbly cocktail!


Holly |Junior Production Assistant

Straight out of Cardiff University’s student radio station - Xpress - and into Bengo Land as a podcast & radio researcher. Holly impressed us all so much that she’s now growing into the roles of podcast production coordinator and as an Assistant Producer within our Bengo Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show team.

Holly has become infamous within the Bengo walls as something of a sweet treat connoisseur and can often be found packing sweet pastries or biscuits to share with the team.

Away from Bengo land, Holly serves as an executive officer for the Student Radio Association and loves curling up with a great audiobook and her bunny Bramble.


Kayleigh |Junior Production Assistant

The Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show team’s very own bottle of pop by day and Bengo client experience ninja by night as she bravely oversees Bengo’s social media whilst cheekily sneaking in some podcast production on the side. You’ll find her in her happy place surrounded in a sea of multi- coloured post-its (other brands available) and lists.

Fresh-faced and enthusiastic as she is… don’t be fooled! She’s the definition of a smorgasbord of media talent, from working in social media management, tv presenting, producing radio and hosting podcasting workshops across Wales!

When she’s not boogieing her way through her early morning radio shifts, we often find her building up an appetite for a good old fashioned roast whilst sea swimming (no matter the weather!) or being bossed around by her rather large cat Blossom.

Adam Walley Headshot

Adam |Chief of Audio Visual and All Things Tech

Unflappable, with a cheeky demeanour to boot, chief of technical shenanigans and audio visual producer extraordinaire, Adam has all the know-how you’ll ever need to make your podcast sound amazing. Although he tries to tell us he’s mad keen on football and F1, he can’t hide the fact that he eats, sleeps and breathes his two favourite things; rock music and quality audio. And we wouldn’t have him any other way. 

Christian Gates Headshot

Christian |Editor

Our supremo audio editor is a graduate of sound art and music production with a decade of experience in multimedia tours, audiobooks, podcasts and radio. He’s an electronic music obsessive, record collector and amateur musician, but above all, happy valet to the boss, Poppy, his dog. And don’t worry about the frown. We’re reassured he’s smiling on the inside.

Alice Gray headshot

Alice |Researcher

A self - confessed podcast junkie, and fellow podcaster (check out 'Inside The Petri Dish') , Alice  is a neuroscientist-turned-media professional. She's a STEMinist blogger, science writer, broadcaster and founder of 'MindfulofScience'. She has over 8 years experience in science journalism and media production, with a particular interest in using podcasts as a tool to tell important stories in science, health and lifestyle. Who else would you want in your corner?


Giorgia |Researcher

One of our formidable live radio researchers, Giorgia leaves no stone unreturned to arm our presenters with all they need. But her talents don't stop there. She holds a degree in Sport Management and a Masters in Sports Broadcasting. She runs her own company Letzshare,  empowering women through sport,  is a blogger, vlogger and all round digital content creator and editor, as well as and founder of the South & West Wales New Mums During Coronavirus community. Anyone else need a lie down?


Lynsey |Organisational Ninja & Chief of Bengovian Happiness

She’s the rock on which Bengo stands. Making swift work of HR paperwork, paying everyone swiftly, keeping Steve and Marina in check and on occasion,  known to dabble in some live radio Broadcast Assist-ing. And on that 8th day of the week, you’ll find her cradling a cuppa plotting out the action of her novel.


Aurally ambitious

We’ll keep our ear to the ground (every pun intended!) to keep up with the latest techniques so that your content can tickle / caress / hug / inspire [delete as appropriate] every earlobe it comes into contact with.

Lightbulb / Idea

Captivatingly creative

No two audiences are the same, so by spending time honing in on yours we’ll be able to give them something they truly want to listen to in a way that really chimes with them.


Delightfully driven

We like to think of ourselves as utterly lovely to deal with, but don’t confuse that with flaky. We’ll keep pushing both you and ourselves to be the best we can be.


Naturally nurturing

What goes around, comes around, so by treating and continuously training our colleagues well, they in turn will bring their A-game right to your door. 

Heart Drawing

Proudly passionate

Our nearest and dearest may roll their eyes at us every time we chat about what we do, but the plain truth of it is we love it and don’t mind at all if our enthusiasm rubs off on all those around. You’ve been warned 🙂

Upwards Graph Drawing

Outstanding outcomes

We’re process driven, which means we (and that’s the royal we - both you and us) will all know what to do and when to do it. That way no one drops the ball, you get brilliant content every time, on time and the wonderful results that follow.