And then we were 5!!!!

Bengo at 5 Fireworks

Wow – wee! How did that happen?? From the 2ish sentences that changed our lives (Steve: I think I’m ready to the leave the BBC –  Marina: Well ok. If you’re sure… Fancy doing something together??!) Bengo becomes 5 years old today!

And it’s been a hell of ride. To all our amazing clients, thank you so much for trusting us (and continuing to trust us) with your brands and reputations.  And to the truly talented band of colleagues we find ourselves amongst, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

But we’re not done! There’s a summer of awesomeness coming down the pipeline for you to enjoy. From the return of the sibling wonder-duo Colin Jackson and Suzanne Packer on BBC Radio Wales to the launch of a super-duper (but currently under wraps!) weekly podcast… We hope you enjoy!