The News Before Monday Night | Blurrt Out The Vote Election Podcast 3

Tom Price and Jason Smith, CEO of Blurrt, start this week’s podcast reflecting on the tragic events in Manchester, which paused general election campaigning temporarily.

They then move on to talk about the stories that were making the news before Monday night’s terrorist attack. This included Twitter’s lukewarm verdict on the Conservative manifesto and particularly the introduction of a so-called ‘Dementia Tax’.

Blurrt Twitter Tory Manifesto Election

Blurrt analysed Twitter’s emotional reaction to the launch of the Conservative manifesto

By Monday, the manifesto pledge had – at least in part – been U-turned, much to the confusion and derision of those taking to social media. Theresa May’s blurrt score took a huge tumble during the period.

Blurrt Social Care Dementia Tax U-Turn Election

How Twitter reacted to Theresa May’s U-Turn on social care reforms

The Lib Dems manifesto launch was also under discussion, including how the pledge for a second Brexit referendum is failing to capture the imagination of voters. More successful are the policies in the Labour manifesto, but again Jason thinks this is not translating into faith in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership skills.

Corbyn Labour leadership election

Labour’s successful manifesto launch is not translating into widespread faith in Jeremy Corbyn

Tom and Jason also discussed last week’s ITV Leaders Debate – with lots of Twitter love for Nicola Sturgeon, Leanne Wood and Caroline Lucas – and the collapse of UKIP in the polls.