Case Study: Blurrt Out the Vote Podcast Series

At a Glance

Client: Blurrt

Podcast: ‘Blurrt Out the Vote’ Podcast

No. of Episodes: 6

Language: English

Launch Date: December 2017

The Client

Blurrt is a Cardiff-based social data analytics company. Day to day, they analyse millions of posts across different social media platforms and help companies to turn that data into content.

Blurrt’s clients include ITV, the World Economic Forum and Premier League Productions; using their unique social insights, Blurrt successfully predicted the outcomes of the EU Referendum and the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Just before the 2017 General Election, Blurrt commissioned Bengo Media to create a podcast that would showcase how their skills could shed new light on classic election talking points.

The Brief

  • Blurrt wanted to showcase their analytical understanding of social media sentiment, and give an impactful, credible voice to Twitter users during the 2017 General Election.
  • The podcast would enhance Blurrt’s position as a thought leader in the social data space and make them a go-to brand partner for companies wanting to understand social media trends.

What We Did

  • Planned, recorded, edited and published five weekly podcast episodes making them available to download and listen on all major podcast platforms.
  • Recruited special guests for each episode, including Guardian journalist Elena Cresci and Valerie Livingstone, from News Direct Wales, to add depth to the discussions.
  • We also recorded a sixth episode on the night of the election itself.

Client Feedback

Jason Smith, former CEO of Blurrt, explained:

“I worked with the Bengo team on ‘Blurrt out the Vote’ podcast. They were very organised, thorough and creative – taking a basic idea and turning it into a format which received good reviews.”

“The podcast served a unique purpose in the 2017 General Election, in being the only speech programme analysing the campaign through social data.

It meant that Blurrt Out The Vote was able to spot trends that the mainstream media were late to catch up on. This is a great example of the value and insight which Blurrt can offer, and really easy for us to share with new and potential clients.”

Listen to “Blurrt Out The Vote | Election 2017” on Spreaker.

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