Case Study: Podcast Editing & Social Media, The Film Festival Doctor

At a Glance

Client: The Film Festival Doctor

Service: Podcast editing, hosting and social media management

The Background

The Film Festival Doctor, aka Rebekah Louisa Smith, offers bespoke services that focus upon creating a successful film festival strategy; these include placing films in the best film festivals around the world, finding the right sales agents, and PR and marketing activities – all of which contribute towards the success of independent films.

Rebekah approached Bengo Media for help with editing and publishing her fortnightly podcast, which would be self-recorded whilst Rebekah is out on location at worldwide film festivals. Rebekah also asked Bengo Media to assist with the social media promotion for the podcast via her personal and business Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels.

The Brief

  • Help kit out and train Rebekah on the equipment needed to record her podcast on the move.
  • Edit, publish and distribute a podcast every 2 weeks to the main podcast directories.
  • Analyse her current social media output, and pull together an organic social media marketing strategy for the podcast.
  • Execute the social media plan, leaving Rebekah free to carry on with her usual social media activity without having to think about creating extra content.

What we did

  • Following our analysis of Rebekah’s existing channels, we worked closely with her to streamline them, making the Film Festival Doctor easier to find and consistent in name on every platform.
  • We worked with Rebekah to come up with her podcast sound, then edited and published a new podcast episode using her audio every couple of weeks.
  • We created and executed a separate social media content plan for each episode of the Film Festival Doctor podcast, incorporating graphics and links back to the website in order to drive traffic.
  • We also created a short, shareable ‘audiogram’ for each episode of the podcast – an animated snippet of audio designed specifically for social media, enticing people to listen to the entire episode.


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So far, the podcast and accompanying social media activity has resulted in a 60% uplift in visits to the Film Festival Doctor website.


The Film Festival Doctor founder Rebekah Louisa Smith said:

“Since working with Bengo Media a lot of people have commented on how professionally produced the podcast is and also how engaging it is. It has been working really well as a marketing tool as it’s helping both current and potential clients with regard to building and strengthening our relationships.”

She continued, “Bengo are a dream to work with and I would never be without them, I will always use them for my podcast production and promotion. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to get a podcast off the ground and make sure it is done properly – whether a sole trader or a big corporate company, Bengo Media are the people who can make it happen.”

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