Case Study: The ‘Addysg Cymru | Education’ Wales podcast

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At a Glance

Client: Welsh Government

Podcast: Addysg Cymru | Education Wales

No. of Episodes: 2

Language: English & Welsh

Launch Date: April 2018

The Client

The Welsh Government wanted to help teachers in Wales to get to grip with the complex changes to the school curriculum that will be in place by 2020; changes that will affect the way 33,000 teaching staff across the country educate their students.

The team at Education Wales approached Bengo Media to produce a brand new podcast which would explain the changes in a way that was easily accessible, and available for teachers on demand. 

The Brief

  • The Education Wales team loved the idea of a podcast that could be listened to at leisure, but had no idea how to produce and publish it.
  • Bengo Media would be responsible for planning, scripting, recording, editing and publishing the podcast.
  • The the key the details of the new curriculum would need to be understood by Bengo Media very quickly; despite the complex nature of the information, the project had a tight timescale of just 6 weeks.

What we did

  • Recruited two presenters for the podcast; Pearson teacher of the year 2017, Luisa Martin-Thomas, and comedian and former teacher, Mike Bubbins.
  • Put Mike and Luisa to work, interviewing the key figures involved in the reforms, asking the key questions from the teachers’ point of view. Their role was to speak to the target audience in the most down-to-earth and engaging way.
  • Planned, recorded, edited and published the episodes within the tight project deadlines.
  • Created branded podcast artwork for iTunes and other players.
  • Every podcast episode was transcribed in both English and Welsh.

Client Feedback

Derek Allen, Digital and Strategic Communications Manager at Education Wales said:

“We were really impressed with how Bengo Media managed to get their heads around quite a complex subject and communicate the key messages via audio in a meaningful way. They were able to offer us advice at every step of the process, and we really appreciated having their input. As the timescale for this project in particular was quite tight, we needed to be able to rely on Bengo Media to make things happen very quickly. They managed this without issue.

The early figures for the podcast are promising. What’s great about the podcast format is that these episodes will also have a long shelf-life; we will be able to use this content for a long time to come.”

To listen to the podcast, Addysg Cymru | Education Wales, which was officially launched in May 2018, click here.  

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