Case Study: The Anti-Sell Audiobook by Steve Morgan

At a glance

Client: Steve Morgan, Freelance SEO Consultant and published author.

Service: Audiobook production.

The background

Steve Morgan is the author of Anti-Sell: Marketing & Lead Generation for Freelancers Who Hate Sales.

As a keen audiobook listener, Steve wanted to make sure that his new title would be available as an audiobook at the same time as other formats (paperback, Kindle and PDF), and was eager that audio did not seem considered as an afterthought.

It was also really important to Steve that he ‘get it right’ in terms of his personal brand – this included self-narrating his audiobook and ensuring the most professional sound possible.

The Brief

  • To turn Steve’s book into an quality audiobook
  • To coach a keen audiobook listener and turn him into a self-narrator
  • To help Steve become an audio book self-publisher

What We Did

  • We worked with Steve to record his audio book over three separate recording sessions
  • Each session was structured to help coach Steve through the process and preserve his voice
  • We edited Steve’s audiobook to conform to the submission criteria required by his chosen selling platform


Despite not having a big publisher or any kind of prepositional support in place, Steve’s self-published audiobook is currently rated at 4.8 out of 5 on Audible. Steve Morgan said:

I have never done anything like this before – except for a bit of student radio – but I found Bengo Media to be extremely patient, always putting me at ease, incredibly supportive and pleasant.

Steve continued, “I couldn’t fault the experience of working with Bengo, and if / when audiobook number two gets penned, they will be my immediate choice.”

To listen to a sample from Anti-Sell: Marketing & Lead Generation for Freelancers Who Hate Sales, click here.

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