How To Improve Your Podcast With The Bengo Media Health Check

A cartoon of how to improve a podcast - a podcast looking to get fit.

At Bengo Media, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the podcasting world. Over the years, we’ve honed our skills by creating top-notch and award-winning podcasts ourselves. Plus, we’ve also helped others develop the essential building blocks to embark on their own podcasting journeys. Our mission is simple: to give voice to your vision. And this also applies to helping people to improve their existing podcasts.

Helping you with your podcast

Do you or your business already have a podcast, but are struggling to achieve your goals? You might be asking yourself why your podcast isn’t getting the download numbers it deserves. Or why people seem to be dipping out mid-way through. Or you’re keen to make the sound of the podcast that touch more professional in line with what people expect from your business. When it comes to how to improve your podcast, that’s where our Podcast Health Checks come into play!

What is a Podcast Health Check?

A Podcast Health Check is a service designed to understand your podcast’s aims, evaluate its current state, and identify areas for improvement. Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll listen to what you want: We start by understanding your goals and the vision you have for your podcast.
  2. We’ll analyse your podcast: We’ll listen to the content, and production quality and look at the figures.
  3. We’ll provide insights: Based on our analysis, we’ll offer personalised advice and a detailed report with actionable tips to improve your podcast’s success.

We want to help you meet and exceed your podcast objectives. Whether it’s refining your content, improving audio quality, or improving your distribution strategy, our Health Checks provide you with the tools on how to improve your podcast and make it a success.

Need help to improve your podcast?

Ready to take your podcast to the next level? Let our Health Checks guide you on the path to podcasting success! Visit for more information. Or check out our full range of training services.