Introducing Audiobooks for Self-Publishers

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Attention, self-published authors! Are you ready to expand your literary horizons and captivate audiences through the magic of audiobooks? Look no further than Audiobooks for Self-Publishers, a dynamic initiative within the vibrant realm of Bengo Media.

Nestled within the thriving hub of Cardiff, Bengo Media crafts compelling live radio broadcasts, captivating branded podcasts, offers expert consultancy and training. It’s constantly growing to support more creatives.

Empowering Authors, One Audiobook at a Time

Within this bundle of creativity, Audiobooks for Self-Publishers emerges as a dedicated wing committed to empowering self-published authors on their audiobook adventure. Our mission is to equip authors with the essential tools, knowledge, and resources needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of audiobook creation. Through a series of free webinars hosted by industry luminaries, we delve into pivotal aspects of audiobook production. Topics span from introductory insights to legal considerations, adapting written content for recording, selecting narrators, distribution strategies, and effective marketing techniques.

Unlocking Valuable Resources

Beyond these engaging webinars, we extend a trove of invaluable resources to support your audiobook creation journey. Access insightful infographics detailing the audiobook production process. Relive our enlightening webinars at your convenience through recorded sessions. These resources, available upon signing up to our mailing list via, aim to supplement and enhance your quest in crafting a compelling audiobook.

Enter Our Exclusive Competition!

As a token of our commitment to fostering budding authors, Audiobooks for Self-Publishers proudly announces a thrilling opportunity! One fortunate author stands a chance to win the full production of their audiobook. You can enter at for the chance to turn your manuscript into a professionally produced audiobook that captivates audiences.


Let’s embark on this transformative audiobook journey together, bringing your literary aspirations to life in a captivating auditory reality!