How to Record Podcasts On Zoom? DON’T! 2 Better Ways To Try

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Ah, remember lockdowns? They were… terrible. But one halfway good thing to come out of the lockdown periods was content – lots of content – made by budding amateurs who found their voices in podcasting. The “let’s start a podcast!” trend was a lot of fun, at least from our perspective (even if everyone and their nan had started one by the … Read More

Bengo Media Production Wins A British Podcast Award Silver

National Adoption Service for Wales series recognised in the Parenting Award  Bengo Media were among the winners at the 2023 British Podcast Awards, picking up silver for the series Truth Be Told: Adoption Stories.  Truth Be Told hears adoptive parents and young people from across Wales talking to each other about their experiences.   The series is produced by us and created … Read More

Job Ad – Come Work With Us At Bengo Media!

Team Bengo. Job Ad. Assistant Producer Job.

We’re looking for an Assistant Producer for the Owain Wyn Evans Show Fancy waking up the nation live from Cardiff? We’re hiring a part-time Assistant Producer to work on the Radio 2 Early Morning Breakfast Show with Owain Wyn Evans. You’ll bring your own bit of stardust and humour to this fast-paced show where, amongst other things, you’ll be gathering … Read More

Bengo Media Production Receives British Podcast Awards Nomination

Truth Be Told Adoption Stories Adoption Podcast Bengo Media Full Production for Cowshed and National Adoption Service. British Podcast Awards nomination 2023.

National Adoption Service for Wales series shortlisted for the Parenting Award   **UPDATE: We won SILVER. Find out more here.** A Bengo Media-produced series has received a nomination in the prestigious 2023 British Podcast Awards. Truth Be Told: Adoption Stories is a podcast made for the National Adoption Service for Wales, in collaboration with the public relations agency, Cowshed. It’s one … Read More

Podcast Setup: 3 Person Podcast Recording Costs

Sgwrs 3 Person Video Podcast Recording in-person June 2023

So, you’re thinking about setting up your own three-person podcast from scratch – that’s awesome! But you might be wondering: how much is this podcast setup going to cost me? Well, as a company which records podcasts online, in-person and with video, we’re in a good position to advise on how much recording a podcast with 3 people can cost. … Read More

Putting Our Money Where Our Collective Mouth Is

Celebrating becoming a Living Wage Employer. We believe a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay.

Why we signed up as a Living Wage employer. When Steve and I set Bengo up nearly six years ago, one of the things we said from the off was that no matter what, we always wanted to treat our team really well.  And that all started with paying them fairly and on-time.  It’s completely daft that we had to … Read More

Bengo Media to produce the BBC Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show

Radio 2 Early Breakfast Owain Wyn Evans presenter in Cardiff Bay

Team Bengo will produce Owain Wyn Evans’ show in Cardiff from 2023 Bengo Media are over the moon to have won the contract to produce BBC Radio 2’s Early Breakfast Show, beginning in early 2023. Flying the flag for Wales, Team Bengo will be working with the show’s new presenter – and the nation’s favourite drumming sensation – Owain Wyn … Read More

Podcasts Are A Complete Waste of Time and Money*

Podcasts are a waste of time and money

Well that got your attention, didn’t it? From a podcast company nonetheless! Let’s complete the rest of that sentence before we all start hyperventilating… *without proper marketing! If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times.  And it’s on this very subject that our co-founder and creative director Steve Austins delved into during his latest webinar. We’ve popped … Read More

‘No Studio? No Problem!’ Podcast Recording from Home

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In case you didn’t catch our co-founder Steve’s webinar – No Studio, No Problem! we’re bringing it to you in condensed blog form! In this post, Steve discusses the best ways to record a podcast when, for whatever reason, using a studio isn’t an option. But, before we kick off – you’ll see some links below to products or other … Read More