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If you have a special podcast or radio project in mind, need help to kick-start an idea, or want an audit on your current activities, we're here to help.

We can create podcast launch strategies, conduct feasibility studies, produce practical editorial policies or troubleshoot to help get you back on track. 

We have expertise in all aspects of podcasting, what you need to do to market your podcast, radio programming and radio management, and would love nothing better than you help you make a success of your next venture.

Consultancy case studies
Guest Lecturing - Jomec - Steve
Guest Lecturing - Cardiff Met - Steve
CHC Member Training - Marina
Steve - Nat West Boost Jun 2019

Guest Lecturing

We absolutely adore guiding and nurturing the next generation of podcasters and broadcasters.

We've been privileged enough to be invited to deliver one-off and a series of lectures, workshops and practical, hands-on activities for:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • University Undergraduate Degrees
  • University Masters Degrees
  • Vocational Training Courses for Professional Qualifications
  • Adult Learning

We are sought after for our expertise in both podcast and radio and have the ability to deliver existing material or write bespoke material to fulfil a curriculum knowledge or skills gap.

Conference Speaker

In case we hadn't been gushing enough about the subject, we love all things audio, and can't stop chatting about it to anyone that will have us. 

We enjoy speaking individually, as duo or on a panel about all things podcasting, radio, starting and building a business, working with your other half, juggling family and work life, if we had our time again, the things we'd do differently or more of...

Steve at Nat West Boost 2018
Steve at Podcon
Steve speaking to Design Swansea
  • Having never made a podcast series before, I contacted Bengo Media to teach me the basics, help me navigate my way through the process. Steve was great at explaining the technicalities to a novice; covering everything from which equipment to buy (within my limited budget), right the way through to the best ways to host and promote my podcast. Would highly recommend Bengo’s services if you’re looking to get involved in producing podcast content.

    Angela Clarke, Founder, Wheesht Films

  • When Bengo Media launched I was setting up a Sport Broadcast Masters course at Cardiff Met University and we immediately brought Steve and Marina in to help us devise, design and deliver the audio and radio module. Not only were they brilliant to work with, full of ideas and innovations, but they took to teaching like naturals. The Radio module and the course in general has grown with their continued support and expertise and as the podcast market has exploded they have helped guide us in how we teach podcasting to the next generation of audio content creators. Our partnership with Bengo has so many benefits for our students and it’s amazing to see they are still regularly employing our graduates as freelancers in their many projects and programmes.

    Joe Towns Programme Director / Senior Lecturer

  • "After being completely overwhelmed with it all, they managed to simplify the whole process; within 24 hours they had me recording audio and getting to grips with the whole process. Thanks to Bengo Media, I’ve avoided a lot of costly mistakes. I have the right gear, the right services and if all goes according to plan, the right podcast."

    Gavin Hill-John, Founder, Talk Skills