Our carefully designed in-person, virtual or online courses will help you get the very best out of your storytelling efforts.

Podcast 101

This is a full day of hands-on, in-house training designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to plan, script, record, edit and publish your own podcast, and make sure it gets heard. Available for groups of up to 8 people.

This can be adapted to suit anyone; from an in-house marketing and PR team, to a small business or an individual with ideas to share. If you already have a great idea for a podcast – or simply think it’s about time you started one – then let us demystify the process for you.

By the end of the day, you’ll know exactly what a podcast should sound like, how to identify a target audience, how to make it and, most importantly, how to make sure your listeners can find it.

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Training Smartlife Adult Learners Week Steve the group

Podcast 101 Plus

This wonderful evolution of our super popular Podcast 101 workshop came out of the feedback of many of our previous (and continuing) clients.

Just like Podcast 101, we will give you the tools and understanding of how to plan, script, record, edit and publish your own podcast, and make sure it gets heard. 

However, differing from Podcast 101, we will split this over 3 non-consecutive 3 hour sessions to allow us to take a deeper dive into each area, especially in the areas of recording and editing.

This is a far more in-depth course for those that would really benefit from a more hands-on approach to learning, and includes practical exercises both within the sessions and for practising at home. It also means that your team won't be 'out-of-the-office' for a whole day, so you'll all be able to manage the workload of your day-to-day jobs a little easier.


Ever taken part in some awesome training only to go back to the pressures of the day job, finding no time to put all your new learnings into action? Well, no more! Bring on LaunchPod - our most popular training course by a country mile.

This 3 and half day programme (don't worry, they're not consecutive - we wouldn't do that to you!) marries both the theory with the practical as we focus on developing your actual podcast.

We'll take you through an in-depth version of Podcast 101, drilling down on your specific podcast needs, identifying your audience, style and goals, whilst also giving you a crash course in podcast planning, recording, editing & publishing.

All sounds pretty straight forward so far, right? But here comes the clincher. We'll be building up to producing your first podcast for you, while you shadow us. Then we'll hand the reins over to you to produce your second podcast, putting in practice everything you've learnt, with us standing right by your side. That way, we'll all be confident that you can carry on producing your podcasts way after we walk out the door.

So, by the end of your LaunchPod journey, you'll be published podcasters, with a concrete plan of how to carry on and keep building.

And don't worry not... we don't just cut and run... We're only a message away if you need to run something by us.

Sharon of Brand Content looking at a podcast script with a microphone in front of her
People receiving podcast training


It's the part that sends shivers up most budding podcasters. But fear not! We've put together a half day or full day training course that can stop a novice quaking in their boots!

We'll take a deep dive into the editing process and skill you up with all you need to make sure your audio ingestion doesn't leave you with indigestion, but with a beautifully sounding podcast you can be proud of.

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Podcast School

Your step by step guide on how to start a successful podcast. Learn from our founders, Steve Austins & Marina Lois, and our amazing Chief Of All Things Tech, Adam as they break down each step and process in a series of bite size, jargon free tutorials.

And best of all...

You need no prior experience.

You don't need to be a tech wizard.

And for those of you in a hurry, there is a paced release of material to get you up and running in 90 days!

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  • "We took part in two workshops which were fun, packed full of information as well as helpful prompts to spark ideas. Marina led the workshops and was professional, approachable and inspiring throughout. She really gave us the confidence to feel like we could be our own producers!."

    Vicki Sutton, Project Manager, Creative Cardiff

  • "We brought Steve and Marina in to help us devise, design and deliver the audio and radio module. Not only were they brilliant to work with, full of ideas and innovations, but they took to teaching like naturals. The Radio module and the course in general has grown with their continued support and expertise and as the podcast market has exploded they have helped guide us in how we teach podcasting to the next generation of audio content creators.."

    Joe Towns, Programme Director / Senior Lecturer, Cardiff Met University

  • "Our work with Bengo Media started with a training session, which our policy team were engaged in too. Knowing that we weren’t very ‘tech-savvy’ the information was given to us in digestible chunks; these were pitched just right and helped everyone to feel comfortable."

    " Rebecca Goodhand, Marketing and Communications Manager, Community Housing Cymru