Superyachts, comedy shows and other podcast editing adventures in 2021

This is an image of the 3 presenters of the Socially Distant Sports Bar podcast - one of a number of podcassts edited by Bengo Media in 2021

“Leave in the dartboard but edit out the scouser”

“The fake farting to get out of sex – should that be left in for the Patreon?”

This all sounds very random but these are real snippets of the WhatsApp conversations we’ve had with The Socially Distant Sports Bar team while editing their U.K. Tour podcast episodes this autumn.

Handed the keys to a juggernaut

Distant Pod as its known is one of the true stars of the post-Covid podcast boom. It features comedians Elis James and Mike Bubbins along with former sports journalist and master of ceremonies, Steffan Garrero

They started out discussing sports clips and documentaries. And while they still do that, it’s often an afterthought in a soup of ridiculousness. I’ve cried laughing a good few times.

More than a million downloads later and the boys went out on a U.K. tour this autumn. They turned to Bengo Media to edit a free episode and Patreon episode for each leg of the tour.

It was like being trusted with the keys to a juggernaut.

As we often needed to turn the podcast around quickly, WhatsApp became a key part of the editing process. We could receive large audio files. We could share voice notes to get thoughts across more easily. It was also a great tool for getting speedy answers to tricky editorial calls.

The tour in full is now on all podcast apps. And we’re looking forward to working more with the Distant Pod team in 2022.

Offering podcast editing and know-how

When editing for clients we see it as part of our remit to offer a bit of advice on sound and occasionally editorial. One client open to this is the law firm, Clyde & Co.

Originally approached for training, we helped create a unified sound across all their departmental podcasts. Since then we’ve edited every episode the law firm has produced.

There are some real gems emerging here too. Like Jane O’Reilly’s series A Climate For Change, which explores what businesses need to do to be carbon neutral. Also, John Leonida’s series on Superyachts is a real eye-opener to a world that few of us will ever experience.

Superyachts with John Leonida is just one of a number of podcasts we edit for law firm, Clyde and Co

Recording a business podcast is almost always an extra-curricular task. Clients often need a little more help at the technical end, starting with recording.

So while clients fix the guests and work out what they want to ask, we do all the necessary techie stuff. This includes checking for any down-the-line gremlins before pressing Record.

Recording and editing is a podcast service we’ve provided for the ground-engineering firm, Aarsleff; the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology; and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Talking Cancer with Macmillan

We were there at the start of Macmillan’s podcast journey back in early 2020. We helped devise what, a few months later, became Talking Cancer. It’s a series featuring conversations with people who are living with cancer. It also offers expert perspectives from Macmillan professions.

We produced the first series for Macmillan in full – and in-studio too (remember them days!). Since then, we’ve become record and edit partners for seasons 2 and 3. The latter, presented by Smooth Radio’s Angie Greaves is available in early 2022.

Find out more about our podcast editing service.