The art of making a successful podcast: Training we’ve delivered in 2021

Picture of Jess Morgan from Business Babies and Bossing It in front of her mic

Making a podcast in and of itself is not difficult. Making a successful podcast is.

There are around three million podcasts out there. Over 60 million episodes on Apple’s directory alone.

So why choose yours?

Helping clients answer this question through podcast training and consultancy is something we enjoy at Bengo Media.

Turning a bathtub musing into a podcast

For the last six months, we’ve been helping one client turn an idea dreamt up in the bathtub into a hit podcast.

Creative agency founder, Jess Morgan says she gets all her best ideas in the bath. Jess and her business coach, Cassandra Bodington have created Business Babies and Bossing It. It’s a podcast aimed at inspiring working mums with a large dose of the art of the possible.

Cass and Jess brought Bengo Media in to help flesh out that concept and work out how to turn it into a hit series. Even though we are a couple of months from launch, I couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve achieved.

Photo of Jess Morgan and Cass Bodington at outside at a table, laughing, with this text overlaid on the image: "unashamedly sharing our adventures (unfiltered) of raising kids, building businesses and creating the lives we deserve."

Jess Morgan and Cass Bodington have been laser-sharp focussed on what they want to achieve from their podcast

Business Babies and Bossing It is frank, honest and very funny. It has also caused me to blush on more than one occasion with some of the subject matter! Actress and author Gabrielle Stone, and entrepreneurs Aimee Bateman and Emma Sayle are among the guests lined up, so you’re in for a treat when the series launches in February 2022.

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Podcast training comes in different shapes and sizes

Imparting our know-how through podcast training is a sizeable part of our business. We act as that reassuring hand on the back of the seat as our clients learn to pedal. 

We’ve always offered a one-day “all you need to know” course but often find clients need something more.

Sometimes this is one to one mentoring, as we did with Angela Clark at Wheesht Films for her fab series, The One Stop Doc Shop.

Sometimes it’s about making sure an idea becomes a reality.

LaunchPod, our most popular training package, provides clients with the theory but it also goes much further. We record the first episode for a client, shadow them doing the second, and also set the podcast up on the main directories for launch.

We’ve been working with a number of clients on LaunchPods in 2021, most will come to fruition in the new year.

Podcast training 100 people in 92 days

2021 was also the year we developed a new training package for teams who struggle to take a whole day out for training.  Podcast 101+ splits the learning over three sessions, with homework between each.

Podcast 101+ borrowed a course infrastructure we set up for Northumbria University. In February 2021, the university approached us to train a hundred academics and staff on how to podcast. The catch? It needed to be all done and dusted by the end of the summer.

Challenge accepted!

Northumbria Remote Training Landscape Picture
Just one of the 51 podcast training sessions we did for Northumbria University in 2021

The end result was 51 sessions, written and delivered, covering everything from idea development to marketing. It’s led to a handful of new podcasts so far and we’re excited to work with Northumbria again in the new year.

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