One in four adults in the UK now listen to podcasts every week.

Podcasts are everywhere.

Whether it’s a companion to your favourite TV series, a serious in-depth analysis of the news or a deep dive into some very niche interests, there's one out there for all of us. Which is exactly why they’ve ballooned in popularity, particularly over the last couple of years (there had to be a little upside to Covid at least…*emoji). 

A podcast done well can be an informative, versatile and effective addition to your brand, whether personal, business or even a side hustle.

They don’t require radio stations or screens, and for once, there's no gatekeeper keeping you from telling your tale. Just about anyone with a voice and a mic can make one, meaning that every listener can search for whatever tickles their individual fancy. 

Wherever they want. Whenever they want. For free (mostly). (We know. Pretty rare, right?) And we at Bengo Media are a podcast agency with oodles of podcasting experience under our belts to help you benefit from our collective wisdom to do just that. 

Without trying to name-drop too much, some of the most well-known clients we’ve worked with include BBC Sounds, the World Health Organisation and Macmillan Cancer Support. From working with major broadcasters and brands to sports teams, charities and entrepreneurs (in English and Welsh), we’ve got the expertise and know-how to help get you started (and keep you going too!).

Podcasts case studies

Podcasts. They're everywhere! Yaaaay!

From a companion to our favourite TV series, to an analysis of the news or sport, a deep dive into niche interests or keeping up with latest industry developments and best practices, there's one out there for us all.

For businesses, podcasts are an increasingly popular, versatile and, when done right, effective addition to your brand, marketing and comms mix.

They need no radio station or a screen, there's no gatekeeper to get past to tell your tale. Anyone can make and publish them and listeners can search for whatever tickles their fancy. Wherever they want. Whenever they want. For free.

With listenership growing by the day – podcasts have become a go-to medium to engage with people who want information and entertainment on demand. 

With oodles of podcasting experience under our belts, working with major broadcasters, renowned brands, sports teams, charities and entrepreneurs, we have the expertise to help get you started.

Podcast services we offer

Full Production

Everyone has a great story to tell - let us help you to tell yours.

We can produce audio content that will make you, your company, brand or client stand out from the crowd, build brand loyalty, and engage listeners from the get-go.

Our experienced team of producers will listen and understand all your goals and aspirations, generate ideas from scratch or work to your brief to create a series of podcasts you'll be proud of, perfectly pitched to your target audience.

We will take care of every last detail, from concept development to scripting and sourcing talent, right through to recording, editing and publishing your series of podcasts. That leaves you free to concentrate on telling the world about your latest production.

Andy & Steve Recording with Mic & Script
Zoe & Aiofe Recording with Mic

Recording & Editing

For those of you that would like to drive the podcasting process but need a little technical help and know-how, this could be the perfect scenario for you.

We'll join you for the recording of your podcast, be that in person when circumstances allow, or remotely to look after all the technical aspects. We'll then whisk the audio away to edit and tidy up, giving you back a ready-to-publish episode for you to release whenever suits.

This product is super useful for internal brand and marketing teams that are fab at idea generation but have a lot on their plate and need a little extra outside support to help plug the gaps.


If the thought of editing your podcast is what’s holding you back, or just fills you with dread, or even just bores you... let us take care of it for you.

We regularly work with clients to edit self-captured audio, turning their raw audio into a polished podcast.

We can either send the finished audio back for you to self publish or, if it helps, we can pop it onto your hosting platform of choice.

So no more excuses! You now have the time and technical backup to follow your podcasting dream! 🙂


Don't just take our word for it...

  • "Bengo are a dream to work with and I would never be without them. I will always use them for my podcast production and promotion. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to get a podcast off the ground and make sure it is done properly – whether a sole trader or a big corporate company, Bengo Media are the people who can make it happen."

    Rebekah Smith aka The Film Festival Doctor

  • "It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bengo Media. Circumstances dictated that we had very little development time for the podcast, meaning that they had to be so agile in how they pulled together all of the threads to make it happen...They really went beyond everyone’s expectations to make it work."

    Richard Parks - Adventurer

  • "It was a real pleasure to work with Bengo Media to launch Health Fact vs Fiction for our client. The broadcasting expertise and attention to detail from the Bengo team has allowed us to together create a new medium for our client to reach consumers and to establish themselves as leaders in their field."

    Shelley, Managing Director, PHA

  • "This was Wales’ first podcast on adoption so ​we were a little daunted, but the Bengo team could not have been more supportive. Their calm, efficient and knowledgeable approach made the experience enjoyable for everyone involved. As the presenter I was a little nervous at the start, but Steve’s patient and stress-free approach really helped me to relax into the process and to actually enjoy it!!."

    Corienne Strange, Policy and Practice Officer, National Adoption Service


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