Remote Podcasting in the age of Coronavirus

We don’t actually need be in the same room as you to help you get your podcast off the ground.

In fact, we’ve never needed to be.

The truth is, that whilst most of us are still adjusting to the unprecedented changes to the way we work, the world of podcasting has remained relatively unaffected.

Out in the real world we’re all trying to get the hang of this new ‘social distancing’ thing, but there’s really no need for our new measures of physical separation to stop anyone from launching a podcast.

That’s because most podcasts these days feature more than one person – whether it’s a co-host or guest – and there have always been times when people couldn’t be in the same room as each other when they hit the record button. Thankfully, the technology available today is so good that it’s easy to put together a professional sounding podcast – even if one of the guests is coming ‘live’ from the back of beyond (that is, provided they have a good Wi-Fi signal).

There are even some benefits to recording podcasts remotely; it means the content is completely location independent, giving you the freedom to include speakers and guests from all over the world.

Unsure how podcasting remotely would work for you? We can help in the following ways:

1. Remote podcast editing & distribution

If you’re confident recording the audio for your podcast, we can edit and host it on your nominated platform for you. We can also help by designing the podcast cover art, setting up your hosting site, uploading your introductory audio and registering you on the various podcast directories (Apple, Spotify, Google etc). In addition, we can create short, shareable audiogram videos for use on your social media channels, to help you promote each new episode.

2. Remote podcast recording, editing & distribution

Need a little more help? We can do all of the above, and also pair you with one of our lovely producers and a remote recording set up; this is to help you and your guests ‘get together’ for recording. This can be done on an episode by episode basis, or as a batch recording of two episodes over a half-day, or four episodes in a day.

3. Full-on remote podcast production

We can do all of the above, along with the scripting, briefing and coordination of podcast guests, and provide our ongoing consultation and guidance throughout the process. This can be done on an episode by episode basis, or as a block booking.

4. Added Extras

Alongside any of the services above, we also offer help with equipment hire and sourcing talent and guest speakers. Finally, if you need any help with the marketing and promotion of your shiny new podcast, we can help you develop a PR and social media content plan, too.

To speak to us about remote podcasting for your project, drop us a line today.

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