Podcast Setup: 3 Person Podcast Recording Costs

Sgwrs 3 Person Video Podcast Recording in-person June 2023

So, you’re thinking about setting up your own three-person podcast from scratch – that’s awesome! But you might be wondering: how much is this podcast setup going to cost me? Well, as a company which records podcasts online, in-person and with video, we’re in a good position to advise on how much recording a podcast with 3 people can cost.

In-Person Audio Recordings

Sport Wales: Marina Lois records Commonwealth Games Wrestler Kane Charig with a USB mic and portable hardware audio recorder

Microphones and recording devices like a Zoom H6 are essential for in-person podcast setups

First of all, let’s talk about the key pieces of equipment you’ll need to get started if you’re recording an audio podcast in person:

  • A computer or hardware recorder: You’ll need something to record your audio onto. This could be a computer with a digital audio workstation (DAW) like Reaper or Garageband, or a dedicated hardware recorder like the Zoom H6 or Tascam X8.
  • Microphones: Of course, you’ll need microphones for each person on your podcast. We recommend dynamic microphones like the Shure MV7 or the Samson Q2U, as they’re great for isolating individual voices and reducing background noise. They’re also USB mics which you can use connected directly to your computer.
  • Headphones: You’ll also want to invest in some good quality headphones, so you can monitor your audio and make sure everything sounds great.
  • Editing software or hiring an editor: Once you’ve recorded your audio, you’ll need to edit it to make it sound polished and professional. This could mean investing in software like Adobe Audition or Reaper, or hiring an audio editor to do the work for you.

So, how much can you expect to spend on all of this gear? Well, it really depends on your budget and the quality of equipment you’re looking for. Here are some rough estimates:

  • Computer or hardware recorder: £200-£1,500
  • Microphones: £80-300
  • Headphones: £10-£125
  • Editing software or hiring an editor: £50-£300 per episode

Of course, these are just ballpark figures – you could spend more or less depending on your needs and preferences. But the gear we use to record with some of our clients like Life Sciences Hub Wales hasn’t cost the earth.

In-Person Video Recordings

National Adoption Service Video Podcast Shoot with Adam and 3 camera setup plus lights

We love a video podcast shoot, and have recently been out and about for the National Adoption Service amongst others. Let’s talk about the cost of camera equipment for a three-camera video podcast setup. If you’re planning to record video as well as audio, you’ll need a few extra pieces of gear:

  • Cameras: You’ll obviously need three cameras for a three-camera shoot. You could use anything from a smartphone to a DSLR to a professional cinema camera, depending on your budget and the level of quality you’re aiming for.
  • Lenses: Different lenses can give you different looks and focal lengths, so you might want to invest in a few different ones. This could mean anything from a basic kit lens to a set of high-end primes.
  • Tripods and/or stabilisers: To keep your shots steady, you’ll want to use tripods or stabilisers. You could go for something as simple as a tabletop tripod or as complex as a motorized gimbal.
  • Lighting: Good lighting can make a huge difference in the quality of your video. You might want to invest in a basic lighting kit with softboxes or umbrella lights.
  • Audio equipment: Even if you’re primarily shooting video, you’ll still need good audio gear to capture clear sound. This could mean using the same microphones and headphones as you would for a podcast or investing in additional gear like lav mics or boom mics.
  • You may also need to hire a dedicated engineer to record all of this for you – especially if you’re wanting to host the podcast yourself and not worry about the tech.

So, how much can you expect to spend on all of this camera gear? Well, it’s a bit more complicated than the audio gear, as the cost can vary wildly depending on the specific equipment you choose. Here are some ballpark figures:

  • Cameras: £500-£5,000 each
  • Lenses: £200-£2,000 each
  • Tripods and/or stabilisers: £50-£1,000
  • Lighting: £100-£1,000
  • Audio equipment: £100-£1,000

Again, these are just rough estimates – you could spend more, or you could spend less and just use technology that you might already own, like your iPhone.

Online or Remote Recording

Probably the biggest advance in podcasting since 2020 is the ability to ‘Remote Record’ your podcast with guests over the internet. It’s where we record with most of our clients including Mudiad Meithrin and Blue Cross. This can make the costs significantly cheaper and give you wider access to guests in different locations. To start this sort of podcast setup, you’ll need:

  • A computer – We always recommend a base-level MacBook Air as a good place to start, as it has a good webcam and works well with remote-recording platforms.
  • A remote recording platform – This will be where your recording happens and where the recording will save in the cloud. We use and recommend Riverside.fm, but other options are Zencastr or just plain old Zoom!

Petcast Online Recording

  • A USB Microphone – The easiest type of mic to use in this situation will still be the Samson Q2U or a Shure MV7, but in this case, you’ll plug it into your computer directly via USB, and this will link up with your platform.
  • Headphones – You’ll need headphones to hear yourself and your guests clearly and to isolate the sound so it doesn’t bleed into your mic.
  • Editing software or hiring an editor: Just like before – you’ll need to edit your podcast together. This could mean investing in software like Adobe Audition or Reaper, or hiring an audio editor to do the work for you.

And again – how much might this cost? Here are some rough estimates:

  • Computer or hardware recorder: £200-£1,500
  • Microphones: £300-£600
  • Headphones: £10-£125
  • Editing software or hiring an editor: £50-£300 per episode

All told, a podcast setup for three people shouldn’t cost you the earth. Just remember, get the basics to start off, rather than start with lots of expensive kit that you might never need. If you need more help, book a call to find out more about podcast training.

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