Case Study: The ‘Inside Welsh Sport’ Podcast

At a Glance

Client: Sport Wales

Podcast: Inside Welsh Sport

No. of Episodes: 4

Language: English & Welsh

Launch Date: March 2018

The Client

Sport Wales is Wales’ national organisation for the development and promotion of sport and physical activity. Their work aims to encourage sporting ambitions, at all levels and support Welsh athletes competing on the high performance stage.

The communications team at Sport Wales knew they wanted to produce a podcast hat would reach new audiences and show off the awe-inspiring power of sport, timed to tie in with the 2018 Commonwealth Games – but had no idea where to start. So in early 2018, they approached Bengo Media with a simple brief; to get them podcasting.

The brief

  • The Sport Wales team had no previous knowledge of how to build and publish a podcast.
  • Bengo Media would need to develop a concept, find a presenter, research, interview, record, edit, brand and publish each podcast episode.
  • Each podcast episode would need an equivalent episode in Welsh.
  • Timeframes would be tight thanks to the fixed deadline – the Commonwealth Games wait for no man, woman or sport star!

What We Did

  • Hit the ground running, ticking off Sport Wales’ wish-list of coaches, athletes and stakeholders from across the organisation.
  • Recruited bilingual ultra-marathon athlete Lowri Morgan as the podcast presenter, knowing that she would provide a believable ‘voice of experience’ and a unified feel in both English and Welsh.
  • Agreed an ideal podcast format and length, designed to maximise impact and engagement.
  • Created branded podcast artwork for iTunes and other players, along with ‘audiogram’ mini-films to help Sport Wales get the word out on social media.
  • Edited and published the first episode on iTunes and other players before the games began. The following episodes were published whilst the games were still going on.
  • Every podcast episode was transcribed in both English and Welsh.

The Feedback

Paul Batcup, Digital Content Manager at Sport Wales said;

“What was great about working with the Bengo Media team was the fact that we could trust them to get everything sorted for us, there was no hand-holding required at all. We gave them a list of guests we wanted to approach, and they were excellent at just making it happen – even coming up with suggestions for speakers who we hadn’t initially thought of. This meant I had more time to get on with other things at a particularly busy time for Sport Wales, because I could be confident that the project was moving along and was in safe hands.”

This was the first time we had experimented with the podcast format, and the feedback on Inside Welsh Sport both internally and externally has been great. We feel that we have really set the bar high with it and given ourselves something to strive for on future projects.

Ideally, we would like to get to the stage of being able to produce podcasts of this quality in house, and Bengo Media have been really supportive in helping us with that process and equipping our team with the knowledge and skills to start recording and editing for ourselves.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bengo Media, and hope there will be an opportunity to work with them again in the near future.”

Take a listen to the Inside Welsh Sport podcast here:

Listen to “Inside Welsh Sport” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Codi’r Llen ar Chwaraeon yng Nghymru” on Spreaker.

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