Five Biggest Mistakes That Separate Struggling Podcasts from High-Performance Podcasts

Podcast Checklist

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, yaaaay! You’ve come to the right place! Or maybe you’ve started your podcast and it isn’t quite performing how you’d hoped? Well, you’re in luck too, because this should really help you out.  We’ve pulled together the top five mistakes that leave many podcasters struggling. These are the mistakes you don’t see the … Read More

Lessons Learned: A Year on the BBC Radio 2 Early Morning Breakfast Show

Owain Wyn Evans and the Bengo Media Team at BBC Wales

As the sun peeks over the horizon, casting a gentle glow on the world, early morning listeners tune in to BBC Radio 2, eager for companionship, information, and inspiration to kick start their day. Behind the scenes, the team at the Early Morning Breakfast Show team have been up prepping ready for the sound of ‘This is the BBC news … Read More

Celebrating International Women’s Day

A collage of images of the women of Bengo

At Bengo Media 75% of the on-air production team are women. They are truly experts in making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Most of the brains behind our awesome podcasts are also women. 88% to be exact. Bengo’s audiobooks division…Who’s leading the charge? You guessed it—some seriously badass women! Not only are they passionate about storytelling, but they’re … Read More

Branded Podcasts – What Are They? (With Examples)

As of January 2024, there are 4,318,424 total podcasts registered. That’s a lot of audio! But inside this statistic is the world of branded podcasts – a marketing channel as old as podcasting itself. What is a “branded” podcast anyway? Okay, so all podcasts are technically branded. They’re either a brand in their own right, or the splinter of a … Read More

The Best Places to Publish Your Podcast

eBay Open for Business presenter, John Henry at the Gimlet Creative Studios ©eBay

Producing a podcast is loads of fun – but it’s also hard work. Lining up schedules, booking in a recording session, setting up, making sure there’s a good capture… And all of this comes long before the often arduous editing and post-production process. Still, when all is said and done, at least you’re left with a brilliant show that you can … Read More

Recording a Podcast from Multiple Locations

Two people wearing headphones. One is speaking into a microphone while reading off a laptop

Yep, we get it. It’s super tempting to try recording podcasts from multiple locations on Zoom. It’s convenient. There’s no travel. You even get a self-editing, speaker-focused video to go with it. And while all of that sounds lush – it comes with a heavy list of downsides. We’ve already covered why you shouldn’t record podcasts on Zoom, no matter … Read More

Audiobook Production Giveaway for Self-Published Authors

Win a free audiobook production graphic

To celebrate the launch of a new initiative at Bengo Media, Audiobooks for Self-Publishers, and to help one lucky self-published author achieve their audio dreams… we’re giving away an entire audiobook production to one super star self-published author! We started Audiobooks for Self-Publishers to make the audiobook production process less daunting for self-published authors like you. Let’s face it, researching … Read More

Introducing Audiobooks for Self-Publishers

Audiobooks for Self-Publishers' logo

Attention, self-published authors! Are you ready to expand your literary horizons and captivate audiences through the magic of audiobooks? Look no further than Audiobooks for Self-Publishers, a dynamic initiative within the vibrant realm of Bengo Media. Nestled within the thriving hub of Cardiff, Bengo Media crafts compelling live radio broadcasts, captivating branded podcasts, offers expert consultancy and training. It’s constantly … Read More

How to Record Podcasts On Zoom? DON’T! 2 Better Ways To Try

zoom logo

Ah, remember lockdowns? They were… terrible. But one halfway good thing to come out of the lockdown periods was content – lots of content – made by budding amateurs who found their voices in podcasting. The “let’s start a podcast!” trend was a lot of fun, at least from our perspective (even if everyone and their nan had started one by the … Read More