Celebrating One Year of Early Morning Magic: Our BBC Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show Journey with Owain Wyn Evans

Richie Anderson, Owain Wyn Evans, Zoe Ball, Tina Daheley

Today, we’re popping the virtual champagne because it’s a special day for us – we’re celebrating one year of producing the BBC Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show with the fabulous Owain Wyn Evans! 


Let’s rewind a bit and talk about how this all began. Picture this: endless brainstorming sessions, countless cups of coffee, and a whole lot of hustle. Crafting the perfect pitch for the show wasn’t easy, but oh boy, was it worth it!


Welsh indie Bengo Media wins Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show Contract

We kicked things off with a bang! 

Early morning Welsh hwyl* to beat the weekday toil! * Hwyl (HOO-OIL) – a stirring feeling of emotional motivation and energy

Launching  the first show with a warm Welsh greeting from Owain almost didn’t feel real at the time! Welsh language on Radio 2? The FIRST day time show to come out of London, broadcasting in Cardiff out of the spectacular BBC Wales building? It was Incredible! It’s safe to say that magic hasn’t disappeared. 

 After the first show we were given an amazing Welsh cake the size of a vinyl disk. Talk about making an entrance, right? 


Photo of the Bengo Media Team and Owain Wyn Evans

Working with Owain has been an absolute dream. Watching him bring the show to life with his infectious energy and charm has been nothing short of inspiring. 

Together, we’ve built a tight-knit community of listeners who we affectionately call our ‘bore dahlings’ – because, let’s face it, mornings are always better when you have good company with an accompaniment of outrageous sound effects, topical texters, our listeners headlines and of course Airdrum Anthems – the tapastic tracks that get you up and moving.

(If you have a track in mind and would love to be a part of the show just email owain@bbc.co.uk!)



Some highlights of the year have been: 

Cats vs Humans

Owain and Planet Earth III

Ghost caught on camera!

Bore Dahlings Musical


As we raise a toast to the past year, we feel excited for what’s to come. The journey has been incredible so far, but we’re just getting started! 

Huge shoutout to our amazing team for their hard work and dedication.

The 2am alarm clocks are still ringing! Does getting up at that time get any easier? Maybe, maybe not but you best believe as soon as we hear that opening Jingle: Owain Wyn Evans, BBC Radio 2 – we are up dancing! 

So, here’s to more early morning shenanigans, more laughs, and more unforgettable moments with the Bore Dahlings. Thanks for tuning in and being a part of our radio family. Here’s to the next chapter – we can’t wait to see where it takes us!


A collage of photos from the Owain Wyn Evans Early Breakfast Show